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Solving business challenges through in-depth understanding.

Piper Consulting is not your typical business consulting firm. We do not presume to know your business better than you do; instead we work collaboratively with your team, teaching them to think differently, challenge each other and discover your best answers through a series of tactical and strategic sessions.  Together we roll up our sleeves and create some serious momentum, discipline and a roadmap to reach your goals. And we celebrate when you reach the end of an engagement and have confidently mastered the tools to achieve continued growth without us.

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You deserve to get what you want from your business.

Megan Piper, MBA, helps you transform your company from where it is to where you want it to be.

She works closely with clients to build a compelling case for change and a detailed implementation roadmap, while teaching frameworks to effectively manage the process independently by the end of the engagement.  She instills purpose, accountability, and discipline across your team, and provides tools to measure progress against meaningful metrics. She inspires client trust through active listening combined with thoughtful and direct feedback.

Megan is an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS™) Certified Implementer, which is a global leading business process to help leaders clarify their vision and create traction through building a healthy team and company.

Megan is uniquely qualified and exceptionally experienced to advise your organization due to her years of executive experience across diverse environments, from IT to e-commerce, healthcare to non-profits. During her tenure as the COO/CFO at Planson International the company’s revenue grew by 1800%, transforming them from a small US firm to a successful multinational enterprise.


Kaitlyn has a bachelor’s in communication and lives in mid-Missouri with her husband and three young children. She provides great client experience and is here to help with any of your questions or needs. Kaitlyn ensures a smooth operation and efficiency between Megan and her clients. Her areas of expertise include schedule management, focus and prioritization of tasks, and facilitation of the day-to-day operations.

“Megan combines the professionalism, follow-through, and excellent communication of a team player with the curiosity, poignant questioning, and identification of quality protocols and resources of a leader. She helped guide a project when our company was at a crossroads and moved her team to completion. We’d be delighted to work with Megan again.”

– Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Education Technology Startup


Megan is honored to serve at the following nonprofits with causes close to her heart.

ProsperityME: The Center for Financial Education

Empowering immigrants to succeed economically in the community.

Board of Directors
Chair Program Committee
Member Executive Committee

Strong Women, Strong Girls

Unlocking the power of multi-generational mentorship.

Measuring, Evaluation & Learning Committee

Megan Piper presents ProsperityME scholarship awards to New Mainers.