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Business StrategyCertified EOS® Implementer

Megan’s passion is helping entrepreneurial leaders get what they want out of their business. If you are a small business owner frustrated by lack of control, wanting more time and financial freedom, or experiencing people challenges, contact Megan to learn how EOS can help you take the next step towards meaningful growth. Be sure to connect on LinkedIn too!



Leadership Development and management consultingLeadership Development

A unified and healthy leadership team is a powerful and difficult to replicate competitive advantage. We challenge executives and their teams to clarify responsibilities, improve communication, resolve issues, and set priorities. We use a 3-step process to identify goals, discover your team’s patterns via motivational and behavioral assessments, and grow by encouraging new habits to reinforce strengths, reduce bias and maximize your potential to accelerate your business. Our candid discussions move teams to cohesive traction and set the foundation for future leadership hires and succession planning.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Growth requires exploration and intention. Coaching provides a confidential space to understand and test your leadership behaviors and how they are perceived by others. Your coach acts as an executive sounding board to help you gain external perspective, increase effectiveness through awareness and guide decisions. This strategy keeps the focus on you as an individual. We use a 3-step process to identify goals, discover your personal patterns via motivational and behavioral assessments, and encourage new habits to reinforce your strengths and maximize your potential. We believe in coaching – we use external coaches to keep us sharp!

Contact us about Financial ResourcingBusiness Strategy

Strategy is defining your long-term plan and creating a roadmap to reach it. We walk leaders through a simple framework, the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), to clarify where you want to go and how to turn that vision into daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual actionable steps with relevant measurements. We teach small business focused tools to create a single, cohesive system on which to run your business in six key components – vision, people, data, issues solving, traction and process. And most importantly, your aligned leadership team will communicate a consistent, unique brand externally and a clear vision internally, while holding people accountable, and disrupting status quo routines.

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